Anon 7

In 2007, my boyfriend at the time and I were involved with another con. We were sitting in the hotel lobby with the owner of that con, his staff, [name redacted] (don't even get me started on that MFer, cause that's a thread for another day), [name redacted] lady friend (not sure what her name was), and a few other people. Jeff rolls up and I notice that his pants are pretty much split down the front. To give you the fuller picture. his pants were split down the front, from the hip to the knee on his left leg, and the fabric covering his genital area, could on a decent person, appropriately cover their genitals, and without pins keeping the pants together, only the upper thigh and side hip was exposed. He was wearing brown pants and you can see his gray undies. And he sits on the couch opposite me, and there's this little coffee table half inbetween us and I say "Oh, do you need saftey pins for your pants? I have a bunch in my bag" and he says,"oh no, no, that's ok" and I give him a bunch and say "Please, I insist" and he takes them, but doesn't do anything with them. Doesn't put them on. And everytime he moved, the flap covering his front moved "accidentally", so you could see more of his undies. I also remembered that he kinda looked greasy, and I made my boyfriend switch places with me so I could avoid him and more of the coffee table was between us. 

I'm pretty much trying to not look at his direction, and he keeps moving around, trying to get my attention. I was really getting bothered by him and wanted to go, but my ex-boyfriend wanted to stay.

I remember [name redacted] made some weird comments about my feet, because I was sitting cross legged and my flat shoe had slipped off at the heel, and Jeff made a comment about my feet too. 

Anyway, we were all getting hungry, so we were going to go to dinner, and we stand up, and I pass the coffee table and my (ex) boyfriend is on the opposite side of me, and then I feel someone tug on my arm. I turn around, and Jeff is sitting on the couch, and he had flipped the fabric to the side, so all of his undies were exposed, and he had pulled them down so you could his junk. And i screamed "Oh my god, what the fuck is wrong with you", or something along those lines, and I turned into my ex, and Jeff says "Oh, i'm so sorry, I'm so embarassed, excuse me" and just sits there, but by the time my ex turns around, he's covered up again, and I tell him "He had his penis out! He just showed me his penis" and "friends" run over and I'm just in shock, and Jeff says "I ripped my pants, it was just my underwear, just my underwear, the pin popped open, it was an accident" and I'm told by a few people, those who weren't roaring away in laughter, that I was over-reacting. But what pin? He never used the pins I gave him. He did that on purpose. It wasn't an accident. And even if his pants were ripped, your junk just doesn't fall out of your undies. You have to do that on purpose. 

That was in 2007. In 2009, I was approached by Jeff to work Wicked Faire and I told him to eff off. I had friends who went, even though I warned them against going, who came back that they had been harassed. I also had friends, a few of who participated in Allie's thread berating Jeff, tell me I needed to grow up and take a joke. The hypocrisy would be funny if this was someone else. 

Paul kept trying to get me for years to worked Wicked, and thinking he was my friend, I told him no politely, that i won't work for Jeff because of the penis incident. I think it was 2012 that he told me to grow the eff up and get over myself and stop being such an effing prude and that this is why people don't like me. 

In 2014 or 15, Jeff came up in conversation over dinner with [names redacted] of another convention in Philadelphia. [She] started laughing when I told her, for the third time, why I won't work with Jeff and why his name gives me a visceral reaction. She told me "that's just what he does, and he's so funny, and you just need to get his sense of humor to understand him". Coming from someone whose whole public image is about ending harassment and zero tolerance to sexual abuse and assault, I felt guilty for feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing and for so long. [He] said that he heard some stories over the years, and doesn't like the guy, but didn't go into details. [He] later told me privately that he understands why I don't like him, because he knows someone else who Jeff flashed and he doesn't like him either, but he and [she] put up with him because of his connections in the con scene. 

Since 2007, I warned people away from Jeff and his events and it hurt my reputation and involvement in the cons, I know it did. And I'm just an insignificant speck, like I wasn't ever really in the higher echelons of the convention scene. I've met a lot of the people on all of these threads about Jeff, but wouldn't call them friends. Some of them, I once thought of as my friends, but not anymore. Being involved in conventions was supposed to be fun and be a way to meet people and make friends, not be abused. I've gotten apologies from other victims for not believing me initially, but nothing from the people who actually hurt me.

I'm just glad that this is all finally coming out and hopeful other people get called out for what they did, there's a lot of toxic people involved in this scene. A lot.

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