Lilith Lore

Early last week, accusations of sexual misconduct came to my attention regarding Jeff Mach, and Jeff Mach Events.  As these accusations are only just reaching me, I feel confident that this is an equally new revelation to most Wicked Faire attendees.  I imagine most ticket holders find themselves in a moral quandary similar to mine -- after all, the money is spent, the time taken off of work, and the hotel rooms are booked. Does one go to the event, and enjoy it as best they can? Or take the loss and walk away? 

I cannot -- as a woman, as a priestess, or as a moral person -- ignore these allegations when it comes to my life and my business decisions.

Victims of abuse should be believed. It is the only way to create a safe environment.  It is the only way forward.

For my part, I have chosen to fulfill my contract, and perform as planned at this year's Wicked Faire. This was not a decision I arrived at lightly, but what I kept coming back to was this question:  who loses if I pull out? The answer I keep arriving at is: any and all attendees who might otherwise have enjoyed my show(s).  The event and its staff would not be burdened in any way if I chose to break my contract. 

In addition to serving my fans as a performer, it is my hope that my presence (and the presence of other performers, vendors, etc who are making similar decisions right now) will help make the event a little bit safer for everyone. I will continue to support those professionals who move forward with this event as planned, and do not assume that they condone Jeff's/the event's recently reported behavior any more than I do. I also support and respect those professionals who have cancelled their appearances at Wicked Faire for their own safety and mental well being. 

Barring significant and unforeseen changes, this will be my last show with JME. I am currently looking at new conventions to fill my schedule for the coming year, and I can't wait to update you all about where you might be able to find me next.

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