Mr. Holzman-Tweed

Posted with permission, Facebook post on Jan 25th, by Daniel B. Holzman-Tweed (name retained by request).

I’m quite unhappy just now, and rather angry.
I’ve spent rather a lot of the last 24 hours reading rather a lot of people’s accounts of rather a lot of sexually abusive behavior on the part of Jeff Mach – in several instances abusing his position with Jeff Mach Events and the various events produced by that organization.
This is a man I've called friend.  I've vended and performed at his events.  I created his Wikipedia page, and maintained pages for a number of his events.
I believe them.  That probably doesn’t surprise you.
And that’s just the people who’ve been able to write so far.
I find it difficult to overstate my disappointment.
For the good of the multiple communities that are served by events he has created and operated, I call on Jeff to do the right thing and step down from Jeff Mach Events.  I cannot and will not in good conscience attend or support any event with which Jeff Mach is associated any longer. 

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