Ravens Own

Public FB post, Jan 25 2018, with permission. 

In 2014, Raven’s Own was a vendor at Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon, run by Jeff Mach Events. We had a good time with the other artists, had a decent show, and were enthusiastic to look into further events.

We have never been vendors at another JME show, by circumstance. As of today, we never will be again, by intent.

While we never personally witnessed anything at VWN, accounts have surfaced regarding the gross misconduct of JME, Jeff Mach, and his core associates. Several of these have been collected at https://owleyeview.blogspot.com/2018/01; the list has grown exponentially in the past 24 hours.

We cannot in good conscience be silent in the face of what we’re seeing. The accounts contain absolute violations of everything we personally believe in.

Raven’s Own stands with the victims.

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