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RE: Geeky Kink Event
(CW harassment, sexual assault)

Hello shapeshifters,

It is with heavy hearts that we post today regarding our future attendance at Geeky Kink Event.

As you may know, we already planned to not attend this November due to low sales and a heavy upcoming convention schedule. We originally planned to return to GKE in 2019 or 2020.

However, it has come to light this week that GKE – along with the rest of Jeff Mach Events – is not the safe space it purports to be. Many brave people have come forward to tell deeply horrifying stories of consent violations and abuse, perpetrated and defended by high-ranking staff, performers, and management who abused their status to take advantage of people who trusted them with their safety.

We therefore cannot in good conscience continue to attend or give support to GKE or any other Jeff Mach events. Our customers’ safety is and always will be our topmost priority; we will never ask you to attend an event that has proven itself unsafe.

Those of you who have come by our table at previous GKEs know how much this event means to us. It was our very first event and we have always looked forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. We never wanted to leave it behind.

We are aware of ongoing discussions regarding GKE Classic changing ownership. If this switch goes through, or other significant changes are made to the current management and policy, we will research and reconsider attending in the future.

Until then, this is goodbye from us to GKE.

We wish all of the people who have come forward with their stories healing, support, and justice.

-Ark & Poppy

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