T.E. Yates

Public FB post, Jan 28, with permission 

Today I have been made aware of recent allegations levied against Jeff Mach Events (responsible for The Steampunk World's Fair and Wicked Faire). In light of these revelations I am withdrawing permission to screen 'Evil Cat' at Wicked Faire: Reborn this weekend.

I'm delighted that an interest was taken in 'Evil Cat' and, until today's news, I was looking forward to the prospect of the animation being screened at the event.

However, the association is one that I believe should be avoided at present as, should any of the claims that I have read be true, I find the extent of wrongdoing to be abhorrent and I cannot in good conscience allow my work to be involved with this event.

Should this situation change over time and these allegations prove to be unfounded then I would be open to the prospect of contributing works to future events. I am sorry if I have disappointed anybody who has purchased tickets but, if there is any truth in these allegations, I absolutely cannot condone such deeds.

Given that I received no financial offer for the screening and did not enter into any formal contractual obligations, I appreciate that my withdrawal may be more straightforward than for other artistic contributors.

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