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Public FB post, Jan 2 2018

To our dearest, valued customers/friends/family,

We are heartbroken over the stories that have been shared the past few days in regards to Jeff Mach Events. We never had any bad experiences personally but knew the events were a disorganized mess founded on what appeared to be somewhat shady business principles. We were blissfully unaware of what was actually happening. Had we known of the atrocities that were taking place we would have never encouraged any of you to attend these events. We are deeply sorry for putting any of you in danger.

We have decided that we can’t in good conscience be a part of any of these events in the future. We have already paid for room vending and advertising at The Steampunk’s Worlds Faire and have decided to take this as a business loss and not attend.  We are working to remove our name from the event.

We know that many vendors can not afford to take the loss and don’t want any of them to suffer financially, so please continue to support everyone at other events or online to help offset what may turnout to be a significant blow to their business this year. Also please feel free to share links to your favorite vendors’ websites/shops and we will be happy to share them!  (Stole this idea from Mayfaire Moon Corsets & Costumes. Go check them out!  They rock!)

We have included a link to the blog with all the details but please read with caution. There are many sensitive topics (sexual assault, rape and other terrible things) being discussed so please do not follow the link if this could be triggering for you.

We felt it was necessary to address this topic because we love you all so much and want you all to stay safe.

Lots of love and well wishes,
Cindy, Kate and Becky

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