What is the fate of SPWF

March 14:

Note: When we made this announcement, the idea was floated to us of running a vendor bazaar by the name of End of the World Fair at the SPWF hotel. It would be a much simpler event than SPWF, but will still allow our vendors and community come together for some Steampunk fun. Vendors will get an email with information shortly, and we ask you to give us about 72 hours to figure out if the community can work out the details.

Original Announcement:
We are hereby ending Silver Phoenix Society’s involvement with the event known as Steampunk World’s Fair, that was to take place the first week of May. The community that we love and support has made it clear that this event is forever tainted by the former management’s misdeeds and mistakes, and we acknowledge the pain that was caused and we do not want to continue pouring salt into the wounds.

In addition to the ethical reasons for this decision, the contracts for the hotels were never transferred into our name, which we needed to happen in order to continue in any case.

There is not enough time to execute this event the way it is needed, but that does not mean that we are abandoning the vendors, patrons and performers who have been left in the lurch financially. We intend to help in any way we can, first and foremost by planning and launching afully realized, new event in the fall of 2018, to be called the Silver Clockwork Exposition and Symposium.

It will be a home for art, craft, performance, fun and commerce. We can’t wait to tell you more,and we are eager for your help.Please reach out to us if you would like to help us with this event in any capacity, to ask
questions, or to give feedback at questions@silverphoenixsociety.org.

If you are entitled to a refund from SPS, we will honor that and will get you a refund for those tickets and vendor fees that we took in. Please contact info@silverphoenixsociety.org regarding refunds. Of course we cannot refund money for those who had previously paid Jeff Mach Events. All tickets and vendor fees will be honored at our upcoming event, if you wish to followalong with us, and we hope that most of you will.


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