Saturday, April 17, 2021

M. Poulouin update


The "Sybarites Ball" is a scam conceived by Mitchell Poulouin. 

He claims to be benefiting Action Wellness but they've never heard of him. His privately stated purpose is to raise enough money to visit his "girlfriend" in Thailand. Yes, he's THAT delusional. 

Please avoid anything with Mitchell's name on it, he has deep rooted fear of the truth. 

If you would like to help the folks at Action Wellness, here is their link.

Monday, April 12, 2021

M. Poulouin 

Thank you to the people who brought another broken stair to my attention.

M. Poulouin Facebook

Facebook Event: The DATE of THE SYBARITES BALL is on Sunday February 14, 2021, from 8:00pm (VIP Admission) & 9:00pm (General Admission)  to 2:00am.  

The Sybarites Ball Facebook

Post from April 2nd, 2021: 

Please note that K. Blake Cash and Janice Rael are not involved in The Sybarites ball in any way.
We are waiting for Mitchell to remove us as admins of this page, but we doubt he has the skills required.
Mitchell is so inept that he can't even remove me from the group, or edit the google documents that were prepared for him before he chased off the person who created them.
When I attempted to contact the venue he had "booked," no one had heard of him. When I tried to contact Action Wellness about our role in presenting their interest in this fundraiser, they had never heard of him. He just picked up some flyers from them.
The venue has two floors, something that anybody who had so much as visited their website would know. It also has a liquor license, which eliminates his ideas of nudity.
The idea of selling rides on a masturbation tool in such a venue is insane, as is the idea that people would be willing to bid on the now used device afterwards.
A charity event donates proceeds to the charity it uses for advertising. These proceeds were to benefit Mitchell and a few body painting friends, in the hope that Mitchell would be able to visit his "girlfriend" in Thailand. She's in Thailand because every other country calls her profession prostitution. If there was any money left after paying and housing all the body painters, then he might give some of it to charity.
This entire production is solely for the benefit of Mitchell Poulouin and his friends, with lip service to Action Wellness (formerly Action AIDS). He has no idea what is legal, and intends to use non-union labor in a city built by unions. His "mission focus" changes on a daily basis.
This is a scam. If you want to donate money to a sick old man's fantasy of joining his "girlfriend" in Thailand, go ahead. If you want to donate to Action Wellness, here is their site:

 I also have screencaps of a conversation with a performer where M. Poulouin attempted to get her to work his event for a discounted price and to wear body paint. He wanted her to turn her act into a more erotic act. She stated she was not comfortable with that and declined to perform. He attempted to pressure her into performing. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Messenger contact (anon) April 2021

Someone reached out to me a few days ago (let's call them "W," since I don't know their pronouns for sure). They stated that they were "groomed and harassed by JM." W said that they are scared that JM is going to go after another person and/or retaliate. W also said that JM is threatening suicide.

I told W that if they are worried for their own safety, to stay with friends/family and possibly contact police for harassment (I am unsure about the legalities/paperwork/proof needed, but W said they had blocked one JM account and muted his number and yet JM is harassing them via another account...).

I also told W that if they are worried about JM, to contact police for a wellness check. 

They said that they weren't sure about getting authorities involved (which is fair) and they did not yet want to share their story with me for fear of further retaliation from JM (also fair). 

My two cents: 

1) Don't harass people for telling their truth. I don't care if it paints you in a bad light. If you messed up, own up to it. Apologize. 

2) Suicide is never an answer. Here are two places to find help (one national, one in NJ): 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Available 24 hours, 800-273-8255

NJ Suicide Prevention Hopeline

I don't think JM has owned up to any of his mistakes; I don't think he regrets anything he's done to hurt other people; and I really think he needs to stop running events. But I still don't think suicide is an answer. (Yes, I am also aware that he has threatened suicide before in order to get attention, but every suicide threat should be treated as credible and professional help is never a bad idea). 

3) Two images to help handle gaslighting: 

Responding to Gaslighting
  • When possible, don't engage
  • "We remember things differently"
  • "I hear you. That isn't my experience"
  • "I'm stepping away from this conversation"
  • "If you continue to speak to me in this way, I'm not engaging"
  • "I'm open to discussing a solution with you. I'm not open to debating my feelings."

Responding to a Gaslighter: 

  • We remember things differently
  • If you continue to speak to me like this, I'm not engaging
  • I hear you and that isn't my experience
  • I know my truth and I'm not debating it with you
  • I'm stepping away from this conversation 

I hope that information is helpful. 

EE update and "Itz-a-Con 2021" / COVID19 reminders

 A few reminders: 

JM is running a PA-based "Evil Expo" this July. 

Facebook event

Itz-a-Con 2021 (part of/in conjunction with EE)

Covid-19 reminders: 

Gathering limits are still in place (as of 4/7/21), 25% maximum occupancy, regardless of venue size, and only if attendees and workers are able to comply with the 6-foot physical distancing requirement.

If you are so inclined, PA has a public health complaint form to report businesses if they are not in compliance. With 500+ people listed as "going" on the FB event, I am not sure of the limits of the location. 

In my opinion, non-essential social gatherings are in poor form and show a lack of regard for the health and safety of communities. 

  • Gathering limits in place:
    • Indoor events: 25% of maximum occupancy, regardless of venue size and only if attendees and workers are able to comply with the 6-foot physical distancing requirement
    • Outdoor events: 50% of maximum occupancy, regardless of venue size and only if attendees and workers are able to comply with the 6-foot physical distancing requirement
  • Face coverings are required to be worn indoors and outdoors if you are away from your home

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Copy/Paste B McNally (UPDATE 4/5/21)

EDIT 4/5/21... It has been brought to my attention that B. McNally has posted publicly on his Facebook page. I wish him the best in recovery, both his personal recovery and his public recovery. 


CW: abuse

Copied from a friend. 

"Since he popped up on my radar again for all the wrong reasons, here's a PSA: Bill McNally is a predator who runs through the New England/East Coast Renfaire, Steampunk, and convention scenes. He has harassed me, my friends, and sexually assaulted someone because he felt entitled to them. Do not tolerate his presence at your events. I still have 14 mutuals with him. Check your lists. Warn your friends.

EDIT: he also likes to claim that he's discriminated against because he's on the spectrum and uses it as an excuse to justify his lack of respect for personal boundaries."

I have 15 mutuals. Check your friends list, please. Don't harbor broken stairs. I've been slowly cleaning out known ones or ones that come to my attention.

Also if you want to remain friends with him for whatever reason, don't bother defending yourself. I'll still be friends with you.