Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Fix the Broken Staircase

 Spreadsheet (note: this is not my compilation. This was created by someone in the Anime Con community and their site is no longer active)

I do want to make a comment that there are people out there who protect those who have wronged others. Sometimes that is out of disbelief that their loved ones could do anything wrong. Sometimes it is simply out of love. 

That does not excuse the behavior. 

People do wrong others. 

Sometimes it is accidental. I'm sure the person driving the car that hit mine one night coming home from a gathering didn't do it on purpose, but they totaled my car and I have lasting injuries. I'm sure they went on with their life and don't think about that night. I still have trauma. That doesn't make them a bad person. 

Sometimes it is on purpose. Hiring a known abuser, who has a record, is purposeful. 

Sometimes it is a chronic problem. People in domestic abuse situations know that the other person is hurting them. The person doing the hurting knows too. It becomes a cycle. 

If your loved one has wronged people time and time again, maybe look deeper and beyond what you think you think you know. 

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