Saturday, February 24, 2018

Consent, Community, and the Importance of Leadership POSTED ON FEBRUARY 23, 2015

Wesley (below) is the lawyer for Silver Phoenix Society, the NP that is in the process of taking over JM events. Frisky Fairy blog post is HERE.

(These may repeat from above)
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 
My Biased Account
Rabbit Darling
Swift Scales

Owl note: Jess is a friend of mine. Her relationship with Wes ended about a year after their commitment ceremony. She has stated that she will no longer defend him. 


  1. It may be interesting to capture his response, esp as the bulk of it (the 10 parts linked) is via GDocs, which can't be captured onto, and are therefore subject
    to editing or deletion. (this is the "10-part, 73 page" response. ) I've mostly been reading the RabbitaDarling and Shawn posts this evening... the IrenaRowley one is locked, though. Again, not sure if you want to copy it as an anon page, invite her to make it public, or what, but thank you agai for being the central repository of this chaos!

  2. I have written a post to accompany this page, it is only a fraction of what I should be saying about Wesley Fenza, of what I owe his victims. But for the sake of my participation in the linked content above, here is my official, public renouncement of my defenses on behalf of Wesley Fenza.