Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SPWF signed by JM

The Steampunk World's Fair Re:Refund SPWF 2018 ticket purchases
Today (March 14th) at 2:38 PM

Hello. If you're inquiring about The Steampunk World's Fair, my understanding is that it IS still happening, and there's some kind of chaos and confusion. I am trying to figure out what is going on, the same as everyone else.

Apparently, a member of The Silver Phoenix Society has informed people that The Steampunk World's Fair is canceled. This is as much a shock to me as to anyone.

When The Silver Phoenix Society took over the events, they were given essentially every resource and asset I had, up to and including financial.

I am not certain that this person spoke officially for The Silver Phoenix Society; it is my understanding that The Steampunk World's Fair is still going to happen. But I am not a part of SPS and not privy to its internal workings.

Apparently, someone at the organization is telling everyone that I am able to refund their ticket monies. This is not true. I wish it were.

I strongly advise everyone to please wait, please hold onto their tickets and hotel rooms, and give the situation 72 hours to resolve.

Yours truly,

Jeff Mach

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