Anon story 2

I've volunteered there up till the last Glimmerdark and there was one reason I did. It was to work with the friends I have on the medical team. Nothing more.

I'm coming out now that two months ago that a 'critical' staff member made a direct threat against me over the phone and thought this was perfectly fine behavior and conduct. The nature of the threat was one that harm my reputation and put my safety and welfare at risk. I never threatened them and my opinion of conduct of other problematic people (rape enabling) in the community is what provoked them.

I'm now boycotting this event even if it means I cannot ever see friends I would only see there. The violation list is to long to ignore and I don't want the negative connotation of silently supporting these offenses in what it means to work there on my record anymore. I'm sorry it took me this long to stand with the victims.

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