Former Wicked Volunteer

Known as Arez (or Aries), aka DVrakuAlFkrovic

"J" via FB messenger, Feb 28 2018: 
Early on in the WF days, and before I knew a lot of Life Lessons etc, I was violently sexually assaulted at one of the first Wicked Faires. Friends comforted me, looked for the person who did it, and were there. Most people, weren't however. It was so long ago, and so painful all around, that I've since mostly blocked it out. I do know that 1 of said friends remembers it all and we spoke about it recently. 
(The remainder of this Anon's Wicked Faire tales can be found HERE).

Personal note: I hadn't connected "J"'s Wicked Faire 3 assault with the information from"M" until today (2/28/2018). I remember being contacted by Wicked staff after the event so they could figure out what happened. I spent part of that weekend talking/flirting with Arez. I am currently looking for my email interaction regarding this situation. 

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