1) I have tried to keep personal comments away from any of the JME/SPS information but honestly, I feel dizzy at this point from all the spin. 

2) I have compiled some useful information in regards to the Event That May or May Not be SPWF: 

Fair Credit Billing Act

SPS update 3/14
(Note, per T.S.: As of yesterday, the assignment of IP for the events was finalized and notarized.  The hotels are willing to renegotiate contracts quickly with us, and we are in discussions with them.  The Radisson is completely on-board, and I am speaking with the Embassy again in the morning.)
My 2 cents? Proof, please. 

Email from Jeff himself
(Note; speculation: Huh. There's that 72 hours again. Speculation is that after that timespan, Jeff Mach's contract with the hotel(s) will no longer allow room cancellation refunds. Which for Jeff would be beneficial,  helping prevent any attrition costs. People are still trying to sort this out since everyone is getting a different answer depending on which hotel staff the talk to. But...

One thing both hotels and Jeff are agreeing on - the claim that Steampunk World's Fair is contractually still on.)

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