Annoucement Concerning JME & Wicked Faire - VioletWandStore

Posted with permission Jan 27

There are many reports from many people of consent violations, harassment – sexual and other forms, manipulation, abuse of power, behaviors that are not the sort that can, or should, be tolerated, as well as misappropriations of funds, broken promises and contracts.
We are grateful that our only unfortunate experiences have been in the area of business and that our staff was not subject to any of the reported egregious behaviors. We love and adore the many, many friends that we have made in this community, look forward to seeing them, visiting and sharing in their life’s journey. We truly believed that these events were safe places to gather and explore. Sadly, this has not been the case for so many. As has been said by others, the recent news is shocking and upsetting. Our core values, beliefs, personal as well as corporate ethics require us to withdraw from this as well as any and all future JME events, or events in which JM has a role. We don’t do this lightly. As others have said, we take our commitments seriously, both those we make to others as well as those made to us. Clearly we are past the time when advocacy or education will make a difference.
To the attendees of Wicked Faire 2018, we wish you a safe, wonderful and delightful convention experience. We will miss seeing you and hope that you might find us at another non JME event, such as NELA Fetish Flea, Dark Odyssey, or Bound in Boston to name but a few.
Thank you for your support and understanding through this. To those of you who have been harmed, we believe you, we support you. Be well and be safe.

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