End of the World's Fair - Vendor Email

Email to vendors from Silver Phoenix Society, March 15

I'm emailing with some vital updates concerning the SPWF 18 and the future of the event.

Firstly, we have published the following announcement publicly: (facebook link)

So, in essence, this means that there will be two events. One smaller one on May 4-6, 2018, and one larger one to be decided soon (you are welcome to let us know when you might like to see a new even happen! We are tentatively thinking early fall.)

For the smaller event: 

We are tentatively calling it the End of the World's Faire. It will last all three days (from the 4th through the 6th) and be primarily a vendor bazaar with casual performances, buskers, and a few smaller-scale catered events like tea parties, and such. It is in the early planning stages and a fully-fleshed out plan will be published within 3 days.

We are going to be offering bargain ticket pricing for attendees, less than half-off, very soon.

Vendor pricing for this event will be roughly 50% of the cost for SPWF fees, as follows:

  • Hotel Room Vending: $200/$225
  • Indoor Booth Vending: $225 to $675
  • Outdoor Booth Vending: $150 to $600

These prices are roughly 50% off the normal costs. Furthermore...

  • If you paid your invoice already in full and do not seek a refund, you can vend at the bazaar for free. Your payment will be rolled forward and credited to the Silver Clockwork Expo. 
  • If you paid a portion of your invoice already and do not seek a refund, you can vend at the bazaar at a 50% discount off the already discounted price. Your earlier payment will be rolled forward and credited to the Silver Clockwork Expo. 
  • Refund requests for invoices paid to SPS will be honored up through March 31rst [sp], 2018. Refunds can take 7 days to process.
For the larger event: 
This will be the Silver Clockwork Expo. We are aiming for the same scale and grandeur as SPWF has been in the past. We are taking the next couple of weeks to seek community involvement and to formulate a plan for the event from the ground up, rather than try to salvage it from the past management. Your help, advice, and input here will be greatly appreciated!

Vendor costs will likely stay the same or be very similar to what they were for SPWF. Details will be announced as planning progresses.

If you paid JME: 
We are still honoring all receipts from vendor payments made to JME, as we were before. Widdershins, dba JME, has given us no information on how they are handling refund requests. 

In short, please don't panic and reach out to us if you need or want to - we very much want to assist in any way we can! We realize this is a huge change and it was one we were hoping not to make, but we could not give the community less than our best and we simply can't do our best in the 6 weeks remaining. 

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