Broken Safe Space

Anon post from Fetlife, posted with permission of OP, Jan 25 2018 

I'm overwhelmed. Sad. Tired. Mourning.
However, it needs to be said.
Serenity Space, from inception, was intended to be a safe space for anyone who needed an oasis. I've been there since the first one, and then took over after a couple years. During that time the number of volunteers willing to pitch in and make it wonderful swelled, and we became like a family.
In order to become Serenity Space staff, all volunteers who approached me had to fill out a form that went directly to JME staff, who then sent each one of them an individual registration link in order to pay for and procure badges. We, including myself, worked under the purview of JME. They provided our budget, badges, etc. We were given a fair number of freedoms, but everything went through JME.
At no point during my time as head of Serenity Space was I told anything about allegations against one of my volunteers, nor was I told that he was not allowed to be part of any volunteer pool.
They knew exactly who was signing up for the Space. They had his scene name and legal name. And at no point was I even given the courtesy of a heads up about any issues or information that would sway my decision to accept them as a staff member.
The excuse of "he slipped through the cracks" is ludicrous and insulting.
I'm just. So fucking done.

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