Jan 24th, chat conversation


 Jan 24, 2018, 9:28 AM

Question for you. I saw your comment about the consent violation when you were 16. It was not clear who that was referring to. Were you saying Jeff did that or was it someone else? 

Just trying to get clarification on what you meant. 

S.M.: Jeff

The story is being repeated by others saying that Jeff Mach raped you. Is that what you are accusing him of or is it something else? 

Again, not doubting anything you are saying but just trying to get clarity. 

S.M.: Be violated my consent

The main point is that an adult should not sexually be engaging with a minor.

M.W.: Is there a reason you mention Jeff and not other adults you dated when you were underage? 

S.M.: I dated one man when I was underage and it's not relevant to this discussion. It was addressed elsewhere. 

M.W.: Fair enough. You should be aware that a campaign is underway to label him as a child rapist based on your accusation. You can do as you wish, but we're it me I'd want to clarify the level of wrong doing I was accusing someone of. 

S.M.: An adult should not involve in sexual activity with a minor. 

M.W.: And I apologize for being rude and getting straight to the awkward questions without polite greeting. I do hope you are doing well. 

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