A.W. resigns

From the SPS FB page April 11

On Thursday, April 4, 2018, Amy Whitehouse resigned from the Board of Trustees for personal reasons.  The remaining members of the Board, Tammy Shipps and Jullie Pudem Scanlon, hesitated in posting this resignation due to the typical backlash that was received upon these types of announcements.  In addition to the resignation of Ms. Whitehouse, Silver Phoenix Society is carefully navigating the legal issues associated with our withdrawal from Steampunk World’s Fair. 

The Board, such as it is, took the weekend to catch our breath and figure out our next steps.  We have discussed disbanding Silver Phoenix Society, Inc.and decided against it.  We realize that there is both support and opposition regarding this decision.  Applications for Board and Staff members and Volunteers will be available on the website by Saturday. .

As we work on rebuilding our Board and dealing with the pending legal issues, we ask for your patience and support.  We have learned from our mistakes and while we will probably make more in the future, we need the opportunity and time to do that. 

The past few months have been painful and traumatic for many people.  So, while we take this time to grow and organize, please take the time to also let us heal.  Take the time to let the community heal. 

We will continue to answer questions.  Please post questions related to this post only here.  A new post will be added for other questions.  Please remember to be kind to each other.

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