Chat Log 2, selection

E2: This is mostly directed at the people from the original
Div Head chat. (names)

You guys aren't good at this.

You refused to believe a multitude of victims,
because it was hard think that your friend could be a
predator. You refused to believe multiple staff members
who told you that your friend was a predator.
(People who, it should be noted, made up a majority of the
consent team and in any other case could have
investigated an incident and issued a ban - all without
you being involved.)

You've gone systematically through victims
explaining why you didn't believe them.
You've stated you would stand by Jeff even if
he did all of the things he was accused of.
You've said that it would be fine if he had sex with
multiple 16 year old girls while in his mid thirties.
You've, like our president, asked for loyalty pledges.
You've accused those who tried to inform you of
attempting to destroy the company. You demanded
confidential informational about victims.
You attacked people who were trying to help you.
You posted a message you signed saying that Jeff
wasn't a monster and deflecting blame.
You decided not to post your statements to the
general audience, saying it would hurt the company.
You called all of this a "smear campaign".

Through all of this you've acted despicably.

Then something changed. You apparently got a report,
which you have yet to share or discuss.

You decided to remove Jeff. There was no
discussion among staff about whether they
were still standing by their statements, or
whether they believe Jeff to be guilty of gross misconduct.

You've bungled this. You haven't taken responsibility
for your mistakes. You've gone out of your way to defend your actions. You've continued to post to downplay things. You've made a video that deflects blame. You've still not distributed information publicly. You've blamed those who shared information with our patrons. You've made it clear that transparency is not a priority. You've shown that you are okay with luring in uninformed patrons for their money. You've shown that the event is more important to you than the attendees that make it up. You haven't ask for help.

Where is the statement owning up to how badly
mistaken you were? Where is it posted publicly with
all of your signatures? Where have you actually
taken responsibility for what you did?

You need to do better or you should leave.

T2: You realize that we told the world Jeff had no input anymore right?


E1: Until the company is sold Jeff is still financially responsible for everything. Therefore, since we may or may not be purchasing the company from him we still have to listen to the person we might be buying something from
And really at this point if they have anything else to say about it I really don't give a s*** and they can all go f*** themselves
And nobody posts anything anywhere yet


M: I don't know if I'd say "making money" but at least all the people who decided to support us have a way to do so

T2: I mean sure.
But there is some income to help offset the bills that need to be paid

M: It's a good community of people out there. They want to help.
Tammy: If the show doesn't go through, the company is bankrupt. The hotel should give a refund
But we will have no money to give refunds with

T2: Michael you should probably have me fired if you are going to throw us under the bus publicly to people on Facebook.
Especially to tell people that we withheld information from the rest of the team is quite comical and I bet the victims in this scenario that asked us not to say anything to anyone might have something to say about your thoughts on that.

R: (T2)? I appreciate your showing respect to the safety of people who have been compromised already and need to be able to trust someone.
Had my trust been broken when I was able to speak to someone years ago, I would be a far more broken person than I am now.

E2: @Michael I am happy to post my original response to you when you asked for confidential victim information publicly.
E2: Apparently I cannot comment. I will be posting my original response to @Michael'a demand for confidential information that could endanger the safety of victims when I have a break from work.
I am done accepting his egregious behavior and his disturbing views on consent - for example: this person stated they had a kink and nodded while in deep subspace, so that's consent. I do not believe him to be a safe member of the community.

Tammy: Our lawyer is only distantly involved

E2: I find it sad that a number of staff members have remained quiet on this topic and offered no criticism of his actions
Tammy: @T2 We need to get them the insurance cert
He said he never got it

T2: That's because Jeff never sent it.
What is the email address for this human?
You can pm it to me.

Michael: Ok. I have things I need to do. Obviously I'm just causing problems. I'm going off social media. Removing the messenger and Facebook app from my phone. Someone call me when we know what's happening.
Tammy: Can someone get Jeff to call the goddamn lawyer?
T2: I will message Jeff and see if he can get the lawyer to call the hotel
Tom: BTW - someone needs to inform Dr Andy
Tammy: We are down to 35 empty rooms, so it's moving!
I did 🙂
W: The only thought is that the hotel really does not want us there and is telling us one thing and patrons / vendors another thing

Tammy: Well yeah they tried to drive us off
H: Well they don't get pie now for being bad sports
W: Hmm wonder if Princeton Chamber of Commerce would like to know that a hotel is attempting to cancel an event with multiple people coming into their area that will be spending money in the community


Tammy: Guys: It's been suggested that we not have Voltaire. Discuss?
T3: meanwhile this person who's been annoying me with their pompousness has continued to annoy me with their pompousness
R: Why
Tammy: Because Voltaire has numerous allegations of violations against him
T2: Voltaire is a disgusting human being with at least a hand full of allegations against him

Tammy: IIRC he offended the hell out of Genevieve
H: Yes it is going on people are being more sympathic now and I like his songs but that's it. Personally I don't like how he was drunk on the stage at the show.
It's was at my first wicked faire before I was staff
And first ever time seeing him but I was told that's the usual
R: No brainer. Bye Felicia.
I've never liked him personally anyway
A: Voltaire is just gross. B class act in my opinion too

Tammy: Any strong votes for keeping him?
T2: If give that about an hour to get people not seeing this to weigh in but I'm not sure anyone would advocate for him.

W: hmm yeah from what I am hearing about Voltaire -- the things Jeff's been accused of are mild at best
T2: What have you heard W?
W: at the moment I can't go into it from work
T2: Alright. If you have details you can write up please do share.
T3: I don't know him, but it would be a good move to drop him especially in current circumstances
T2: Can we start a vote? Press 1 for remove press 2 for keep

Tammy: 1
R: Pro for Voltaire : the move he made to distance himself slightly from Jeff and redirect the remainder of what was owed to him to pay (redacted) was well received. If he is cancelled, that does not happen.
W: 1
Tammy: It was $500
T3: 1
Tammy: Like, I can give that to (redacted)
T2: I think we can still give that money to where it should go

R: Pro for Voltaire : there are people who come to events to see him.
K: 1
R: Con for Voltaire : he is a sleazy douchebag with a serous booze issue
Tammy: (Also I banned the security volunteer who was a registered sex offender, should I announce that we did that?)
T2: No
No one knew about that security person.
R: Con for Voltaire : he has a predilection for under age skinny goth girls... personal knowledge on that.


R: With as many acts etc leaving, personally, I'm inclined to make this his farewell appearance, but not boot him. I WOULD however, assign him the same kind of "assistant " we used to assign some of our more well known British guests at Fancon...
Not a problem W... my daughter was 13 the first time she met him...

T2: Appears we got 7 yes votes and 0 no votes.
Does anyone else want to weigh in?
Tammy: Consensual and legal is consensual and legal
We got 2 keep him votes
J: (name) did volunteer to be his personal assistant= total bitch that won’t let him drink. Just saying but yeah fuckbthat guy
Can we get (name) instead like a preview to dark side
T2: 9 votes all for voltaire out
And E2 would definitely vote him out as well
Popcorn: I'm with you guys. Votaire is not that big of a draw to warrent the problem he could cause

T2: 10 votes out, 0 in
(name) responded. Please tell him to proceed
Tammy: Done
T2: And be very very conservative in your public statement. Make sure that you also tell everyone we are still paying his contract as well
Tammy: I was thinking something like, "After listening to your feedback, Aurelio Voltaire has been asked not to perform at Wicked Faire. We are paying his contract fee, regardless, and we wish him light and luck in future performances."
R: If you have not already done so , i would highly suggest making sure Voltaire is in receipt of this information BEFORE posting this.
Not just emailing him, but receiving a response.
T2: Oh (name) already sent the email


R: Any news on (name) post regarding THE coming to an agreement with JME?
A: Hey R, there is an ongoing exchange between Jeff and THE about purchasing GKE. But I haven't seen (name) post.
R: Turtle Hill Events is preparing to announce an agreement that will help stabilize Wicked Faire 2018 in a way that will please the alternative-lifestyle community. While the ink is not yet dry on this agreement, will expect it will be soon. In the meantime, we urge all parties interested in attending Wicked Faire 2018 to follow through with their plans. We expect this is a gathering that will be talked about for years to come for all the right reasons.
R: She has another post earlier letting people know that COIL is screwed if people not attending do chargebacks... and will have to sue JME to recoup their losses
E1: What agreement
R: If you want to request a refund for Wicked Faire tickets, should the event be canceled, here is the proper way to go about it: Send an email to or requesting the refund. Coil Registration is in no way responsible for refunds. We are an outside service company with no affiliation to JME other than to provide registration services. A reminder of the applicable part of the Terms of Service you accepted when you bought your tickets to Wicked Faire and other JME events: You agree to hold Coil Registration LLC harmless in case of event or ticket cancellation. Any refunds will come from Jeff Mach Events. No chargebacks to Coil Registration LLC will be accepted. I'll do everything in my power to get people's money back for them should WF be canceled. Coil will sue JME and try to get back the money for everyone. If we're successful in collecting on the suit, our company will refund every penny paid into us that JME doesn't refund voluntarily. In the meantime, the sad truth of the matter is that, as we've already paid out all the money that's come in, there is no money in the coffers to make those refunds happen immediately. If there was, I'd do it. So I'm asking that you please not initiate chargebacks just yet. Let us find out if there will be an event and, if not, let us know if you are unsuccessful in collecting refunds from JME and we'll do our utmost to get you a refund. I'm trying my best over here!


T2: Ahh okay
Did the posts about Voltaire go out.
Popcorn: if voltaire is not at the show. who or what is the main event/
Tammy: No
T2: It didn't go out yet?
Tammy: Voltaire wants to call and complain at me after 9 PM before we take him off

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  1. Well, the adage of how people are when they think no one is looking rings true here. They have dirty hands and are dishonest to the core. If they actually cared for the community at all they'd walk away and not touch it in any way again.