Commentary by A.S.

Public Facebook post, A.S., Jan 28, posted with permission. 

On Tuesday, I posted a note detailing my experiences with a well-known event producer.  Eventually others commented on and shared my note, sharing their experiences with this person.  At first, people echoed me, that they had been financially hurt by this person, and were not treated well when volunteering for them.  As the hours and days went on however, I steadily grew more horrified and more disgusted at what people were sharing. 

I learned that this person has a long history of repulsive and abhorrent behaviors, and that those behaviors indicate distinctive patterns that are consistent despite being separated by years and individuals. 

I have now read reports from at least three people that stated they were the victims of consent violations committed by this producer. 

I have learned that this producer was directly aware of two sexual predators who attended their events, and in both cases continued allowed them to attend until forced by public outcry to ban them.  In one case this producer used the violator as a volunteer, with the stated logic of “well, at least now we know where he is”.  These two predators are accused of committing at least five sexual assaults and rapes between them. 

I have now read accounts from (easily) five people who said that they were offered (by this producer) to others as sexual favors.  In many cases, these people were treated as chattel to smooth over business issues, to distract public officials, or even as attempts by the producer to avoid paying for services rendered.  In some cases, I have read accounts from those who were offered ‘people’ in this manner, and they have confirmed that this producer was not joking. 

Most disgustingly, I have now heard accounts from at least three people who either were coerced into sexual relations with this person when they were minors, or that this person attempted to groom them with the aim of starting a sexual relationship. 

The producer only responded with a statement after two days of silence.  In that statement, they deftly avoid apologizing or taking responsibility.  They minimized the reports of sexual violations, and brushed them off by claiming they have realized their actions have been inadvertently harmful to many people.”  They feel that their decision to “step back from my public role to take the chance to reexamine many parts of my life that I have taken for granted,” is penance enough, and that “I hope that may return a better person and a better part of the community”.  Furthermore, they have begun

This producer is being accused of committing depraved and heinous actions against children.  They are being accused of knowingly allowing predators to roam their events.  They are being accused of treating people as objects to be bought, sold, traded, and used.  They may have hurt people and left them with mental scars in the past, but now they are inflicting a fresh new hell on those victims by minimizing their pain. 

Put simply, that is not good enough.  Words are cheap.  This person has demonstrated by their actions that they will gladly pay for power and money with the tears of their victims.  This person must NOT be allowed to return to any community that would provide them access to further victims.

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