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Public FB post, Jan 30

For our fans and friends in NJ- Bella GreenWolf and I will be performing at Wicked Faire: Reborn in NJ this weekend. We have three VERY different shows coming. 

Friday 11pm- Magic, Comedy...And something Darker. Something entirely different. The finale of this show premiered only a few weeks ago at East Coast Spirit Sessions in Myrtle Beach and we think that the Wicked Faire Audience is strange enough to embrace something very Un-Daniel GreenWolf-y. 

Saturday 2:30pm- Celtic Magic and Grand Illusion. Performing a piece that was a smash hit at Six Flags New England this season and never performed at Wicked Faire before! 

Sunday 12:00pm- Getting Intimate with Daniel GreenWolf (It's just close-up magic, I swear) Experience Magic and stories from my roots, right in front of your faces and in many cases, right in your own hands. 

We are also bringing our entire new line of Gingers Are Magic & I Am Sassy merch with us as well! T-shirts and stickers and buttons Oh my!

On a more serious note- these past two weeks, there have been many things that have come to light about the person who formerly ran Wicked Faire (I say "formerly", because, as of my posting, it has been stated that he has been disconnected from the company and will not be connected to any events in the future). Our contract, our fans, and our friends who are continuing to work the faire to which we wish to show solidarity, along with my need to pay rent as a full-time performer, keep us working the event this weekend.

To be honest, I was actually concerned that if I did speak up before the event, I would not be paid. It was a real fear. My family cannot afford me not bringing in an income and Wicked Faire & its patrons have indeed been so kind to us over the last 10 years. But, I believe in the changes that the remainder of the company is going to make. I also believe the community created is too beautiful to shun it all because of a few.

I was lucky. I was only minorly hit with some of the things the former organizer was accused of in terms of business practices and personal practices. But I am certain that so many were not so lucky. If the people now at the top are willing to make the changes necessary to make people feel safe and respected and we see that, I will support it. 

Will this be our last year at Wicked Faire? Only time will tell. But no matter what, we will be there this weekend. We will put on damn good shows for you. Because that is what we do. We hope to see you there.

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