Deleted post and responses

Text of above: 
OP to JM --> 
"Please tell me it's not true. I am heartbroken and devastated after hearing accounts of some terrible things happening at your events. As your friend I beg you, please make this right. I had some of my most cherished and fun memories at Wicked Faire years ago and I am crying and so sad at what has happened." 

JM response: 
"It truly is not. To be specific, there are a lot of stories and there's a lot of discussion that needs to happen, but no, it is not true."

Blue commenter: 
"wow that's a sweepingly dismissive claim over a lot of allegations and stories out there, Jeff Mach."

"(name redacted - blue) Thank you, and not my intention. (name redacted - pink) was commenting on a particular thread, and that is not true. I'd like to make a broader comment on the entire set of allegations. And I hope to do so. But in this instance, I'm not trying to address everything everyone has said; I'm trying to comfort an old friend about one thing she saw." 

Blue commenter: 
"I'm just saying that based on (name redacted - pink) post here, and now, it seems like her quest for reassurance was a generalized request, spanning over "some terrible things happening at your events" and not based on a single one, but the whole set of them. Your comment was again sweepingly dismissive. Now is not the time to attempt to gaslight folks or say that their stories are not true. They are true. Standing against them or not believing their stories is only going to make it worse, Jeff Mach. Everyone has a perspective of situations going on around them.. Those stories are their perspectives, it's their truths.. Their truths are that you did those things. Your truth is that you didn't and that is fair, but as much as you would like us to hear your side of the story, or your perspective. You need to do so without dismissing theirs. Gaslighting is a very real thing, don't do it. be better than that Jeff and you will have folks that will authentically stand behind you because of how you handle the situation here on in.. Part of that is not being dismissive.. example if needed:how every single person has handled accusations about sexual misconduct.. compared to (even though not a perfect response) how Al Franken handled it.... Be like Al."

JM to blue commenter: 
"Well, I wanted to give a quick response to a specific thing. If you feel this response instead refers to the larger situation, then I am going to delete it so that it does _not_ give the impression that I'm trying to answer all allegations with it, and post something more specific."

Further conversation with blue commenter above. 



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