M.W. resigns

For the last seven weeks, I have struggled to save a pair of events that I knew were very important to a great many people. We were able to save Wicked Faire, but not Steampunk Worlds Fair. I never stood to gain financially from this fight, but the reward would have been the satisfaction of knowing that I had done the right thing for a community of good people caught up in an unfortunate situation.

During this time, I and my family have been harassed, maligned, threatened, and more. I have been called a liar, morally bankrupt, and worse.

With our failure to save the second event we were fighting to save, there is no longer a reason to continue being distracted from the things that are most important to me: my family, my career, my local community.

For this reason, this afternoon I resigned from Silver Phoenix Society in all official capacities.

My thanks to all that have supported me, and I am sorry that we were not able to prevail for you.

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