GKE take from IPCookieMonster

So, first GKE, the event didn't allow sex. I thought that was silly, so I volunteered my room to be a sex space, and hold a couple of officially acknowledged orgies there. The event knew about this, and I'm 95% sure my orgies were even mentioned in the official event literature.

Where did they put my hotel room? On the quiet hall. I can't even make this shit up.

But that's not the totally ridiculous part. The totally ridiculous part was that I wanted to keep at least a modicum of vetting going on, so I posted a friend-locked post on fet (back then I didn't have that many friends) with my room number on it, and asked people to only give it out to people they could vouch for.

What did Jeff Mach do? He personally gave my room number to a couple of strangers who were looking to get laid who then went into my room and proceeded to smoke pot in the bathroom (which was a flagrant violation of the rules I had set up). Mind you, Jeff wasn't even on my friends' list, so he was just handing out my room number in his capacity as event organizer--against my explicit wishes.

Needless to say, I did not organize anything like that for him again.

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