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PM from a friend of mine, regarding one of the Anon posts. Message posted with permission (and I've reached out to the referenced Anon with the same message): 

Hey, I just am catching up on hour blog post, and I am just now hearing about the person who’s abuser volunteered for me in the Serenity Space at least twice. I’m unsure who it was, and am 300% done with the events, but I wanted to make myself available for that person if they wanted to talk, or anything like that. I would have to look to see if I was the one in charge at that point (because I handed it off to [name] for certain points before backing away entirely after the last con) but I feel horrified that this happened, and if you think it’s okay, and you feel comfortable, and know the person, please pass on my deepest apologies and willingness to talk if that will help them in any way. 

I had no idea that one of my volunteers was on any ban list, at ANY point, and the statement that our volunteers don’t go through registration is 200% bullshit. Yes, I recruited my people, or had them referred to me by people or sent to me by general volunteers, but they were registered in the system just like every other volunteer that worked for the event(s). I never let anyone work who wasn’t registered. So the “didn’t know” excuse is bullshit and I’m fucking pissed that this person’s safety and comfort were put at risk.

Thank you for being a warrior and awesome person. I appreciate you and I miss you and we need to hang at some point when life is not eating my face


There’s no way in hell I would have let a predator work for the space if I had known, and I’m fuckin pissed that it looks like he worked for the space multiple times and nothing was said to either [name] or I


Thank you ❤️ I’m unsure if I should reach out, or let them come to me if they want to talk. I don’t want them to feel bombarded, but despite lack of knowledge I still feel shitty about us fostering their abuser and I want to give them the opportunity to express anything or talk or idk whatever they need

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