Public FB post, Jan 28 2018

Whether you are aware or not, much information has come to light in the past few days regarding the personal behavior, morals, and ethics of Jeff Mach and other people he has employed/allowed entry to his events. HVBRIS has, over the years, supported and been regular performers at Jeff Mach Events (JME) and others under the Jeff umbrella. As friends and fellow professionals have made their statements, we have been working to craft ours. Every person must make their own decisions, but we have come together as a troupe to make a decision, and a clear statement.

To those who have been victims of abuse, we believe you.

To those who have been taken advantage of financially, whether hours or dollars, we stand among you. We have had our own share of experience with Jeff, mostly having to do with our goodwill being taken advantage of as we became a mainstay of his events. We believe that performers should be compensated appropriately for their work, and no performer should be expected to work for "exposure."

HVBRIS will no longer be performing at, or supporting in any material way, events run by or profiting Jeff. When working with a promoter/organizer most choices come down to acceptable level of financial risk. This is a different situation, and no level of risk to the community, performers, attendees, staff, or otherwise is worth being involved with these events moving forward. We have had a pending application with SPWF 2018, and will only consider working with the event if Jeff is entirely removed from the corporate structure, does not materially profit from, or attend the event. If a real, documented, transfer of ownership does not occur and Jeff is not actively and officially removed from SPWF 2018 we will withdraw our application and release another statement at that time.

To be clear, some of our members will be attending Wicked Faire (as individuals) as we have commitments we are unwilling to break as it would financially impact other performers/vendors there. We continue to support the community of responsible performers and excellent vendors that rely on this type of event for their livelihood and do not connect them with the current tumult surrounding Jeff.

We hope to see you at other events in the future, and filling our calendar with new opportunities!

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