Messages with A.V.

This is how Jullie from SPS described A.V.'s departure:

A.V. resigned from his position with Silver Phoenix Society; however, it was an agreeable separation. He was extremely derogatory in his final communications with Mrs. Shipps, including the use of profanity. He stated that he was resigning and sending Silver Phoenix Society an invoice.

A.V. responded: 

Hey Julie. Retract your statements regarding the manner in which I left SPS in all communications public or private. The communications I have with any member are not for any use or commentary especially in the negative.
If you think attacking my name will get you brownie points think again. I expect a response to this in 3 hours or I post it publicly and let the sharks go with it.
Most Emphatically,

Jullie's answer: 

As you previously worked for the Silver Phoenix Society you are aware of our policy of transparency and honesty.  It was in that light that I shared the information regarding your mutually agreeable separation from SPS.
 I did not provide commentary on the quality of your work, I simply relayed the truth regarding the final conversation you had with Mrs. Shipps.  I did not post that conversation in a public forum. 
I will not be retracting any statements that I have made regarding this final conversation. 

A.V.'s response: 

Not acceptable. First, your policy of honesty and transparency is a joke and your board knows it. I tried for honesty and transparency and that was perverted into whatever you misconstrued trust to mean.
Second, I didn't separate from SPS, I resigned after being lied to and having facts misrepresented from your board. I was never informed of your decision to end SPWF, after I secured three guests (verified) and had them reassign other shows based on a personal favor from me.  I had told your board specifically that I planned to do this in order to secure payment for my services in another way and help your show. You know the one that I was trying to save after saving Wicked for your sorry team.
Second,  I never swore at Tammy "virgin" ears (ha) consider god damn a profanity. Considering that your teams incompetence was what was causing a 30 hour work day for my group without pay and then you cancelled an event that was going to cover expenses for this without as much as a phone call, my restraint was admirable. I recommend you retract that statement, I have better lawyers and a better standing in the fan community. I think about it. You have and hour to respond.
Most Seriously,

I do not have the message from A.V. to T.S., yet. I hope to have it within a week. 

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