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Posted with permission of author, via email, Jan 25 2018 

Greetings and THANK YOU!!!
 I work for K&C Candy and we we're supposed to vend at wicked. Once we saw what hit the net, as of yesterday morning we decided to take the hard financial hit and walk away. After watching the shitstorm erupt about Jeff Mach and his conduct, personally, and business alike, in good conscious we COULD NOT vend K&C Candy at Wicked Faire. This was not a difficult decision, even knowing our financial loss on this event. We are a sponsor to one of the performers and grateful we could give him a payday. We also were to be part of the Concarda game, which also did not come cheap. We are an ALL FEMALE company, work hard to create our wonderful chocolates, and finance our little company at times out of our own pocket. And even with that loss we proudly, and with head held high walk away, dignity in tact. Thank you for supporting us and also those still trapped by contract or financial obligations.

A. Mourn Licata
"Chocolate Gnome"

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