Misbehavin' Maidens

Text as follows: 
When we choose where to perform, we take a lot of things into consideration. We love reaching new audiences. We're eager to support diverse communities. We want to support events where we both love to attend AND love to perform. But sometimes things change after commitments are made. 

In light of recent revelations regarding Wicked Faire and it's founder, we have made the decision to cancel our appearance at Wicked Faire this year, and will not apply to perform at future JME events. 

We've never cancelled a con appearance before, and we did not make this decision lightly. We take pride in honoring our commitments. To our fans who had looked forward to seeing our shows and panels, and to con staff and volunteers who will have to make last-minute changes to schedules, printed materials, and room setups, we sincerely apologize.  

However, as a ban and as individuals, we could not, in good conscience, continue associating our name with this event. Please note that we won't discuss the accusations on our social media channels, and we will delete comments about the accusations from this thread. There are legal issues at play here, so we ask that you respect this request. There are other venues where they can be discussed, if you wish to do so. 

In lieu of our Wicked Faire performances, we are planning a live-streamed concert and panel discussion Saturday, Feb. 3. The concert will be available to watch on our YouTube channel anytime after the show. We'll be debuting at least one brand-new song during the show, and we'll present one of our popular panels after the concert. Grab a drink and join us for some fun! A link to the event is in the comments. 

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support. We know our fans hold us to a high standard, and we work hard to live up to it. 

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