Night Watch Paradox

Public Statement Regarding JME and the Steampunk World’s Fair 2018

We at Night Watch Paradox were shocked and horrified when we read the accusations recently made public on Facebook against individual(s) associated with the Steampunk World’s Fair (SPWF) and other events. As a musical group made up of men and women, we stand for equality, empowerment and creative expression. The content and underlying themes of our music reflect these values and principles. Let it be known that we will not knowingly associate with any person/organization that commits, supports, or allows abusive behavior to exist. We also wish to make it clear that our only involvement with the person/organization responsible for running SPWF has been on the business side of being booked as a musical performer from 2015-2017.

Many months ago, we reached an agreement with the organizers to perform again at SPWF 2018. We are geared up to perform our steampunk rock opera “Magnificent Machines and Astonishing Tales” and also perform a set of music without the theatrical production. (We wish to be clear that our steampunk rock opera is an original work and is not associated, or to be confused with, any JME written/produced rock operas.)

In light of the recent allegations, we have been watching the evolving situation of the person/organization in question very closely as we decide how to proceed with the planned SPWF 2018 performances. We hope the issues will be resolved so that SPWF 2018 will continue, but be run in a safe and accountable way consistent with the wishes of the greater steampunk community. So many people look forward to SPWF every year, and as a relatively new steampunk group, the event has been essential for us to build our brand and grow our fan base. We are currently finishing the double disc CD of our rock opera, and are looking forward to the public release at SPWF in May.

We will release a final statement once more details about how SPWF 2018 will be run is made public. Our decision will balance the contractual obligations, our excitement to perform, our sense of commitment to fans and friends looking forward to our performances, and our commitment to stand in support of those who feel violated and need confirmation of a safe and supportive environment.

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