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Immediate Release – 2/20/2018

Silver Phoenix Society announces its Acquisition of Steampunk World’s Fair

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                 Silver Phoenix Society

Piscataway, New Jersey – The Silver Phoenix Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to “Events, Entertainment, & Education By Geeks For Geeks”, has acquired the rights and management of the Worlds Largest Steampunk Event, The Steampunk World’s Fair. The organization is comprised of community leaders that wanted to ensure the continued growth and success of the event which boasts a growing attendance of over 5000 enthusiasts of the Steampunk Culture and aesthetic.

Steampunk is a growing movement within the over all pop culture landscape and The Steampunk World’s Fair which is set to be held in Piscataway, New Jersey on May 4th through May 6th is viewed as a gold standard of music, art and celebration in the movement. The Silver Phoenix Society acquired The Steampunk World’s Fair from JME Events after the owner came under fire for business and ethical issues. The purchase of the event was contingent on JME’s owner having no further connection or authority over the event.

Tammy Shipps, the founder of the Silver Phoenix Society, has stated that all tickets and packages that were purchased under the previous ownership will be honored and recognized as valid for the 2018 extravaganza beginning on May 4th through the 6th. Shipps continued by saying, “Steampunk embodies the merging of the look old with the ideas of the new into something fantastical and brilliant. That is what is happening here, The Silver Phoenix Society is taking a cherished, amazing event and merging it with new ideas, new leadership, and new ideals. The Steampunk World’s Fair will grow and be better set to serve our community without the mistakes of the past.”.

The Silver Phoenix Society has emphasized that The Steampunk World Fair will continue under its new management with as little transitional issues as possible and that if any questions need to be asked and answered that the Silver Phoenix Society can be reached at pr@silverphoenixsociety.org.


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