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Feb 1:
Turtle Hill Events is preparing to announce an agreement that will help stabilize Wicked Faire 2018 in a way that we hope will please the alternative-lifestyle community. While the ink is not yet dry on this agreement, will expect it will be soon.

In the meantime, we urge all parties interested in attending Wicked Faire 2018 to follow through with their plans. We expect this is a gathering that will be talked about for years to come for all the right reasons.

Feb 1:

Hey all.

tl;dr: Cat's a real person. Turtle Hill Events is a real company. THE's only affiliation with Jeff Mach and JME has been in a professional capacity under contract to JME.

I've been posting this a bunch of places in comments, and I would appreciate it if you could be aware and point people back at my (this) post on the subject. I won't carry weight with some, but that's okay, I'm just vouching so far as others' trust in me allows.

Catalina Castells is the head of Turtle Hill Events (THE) and their spinoff company/subdivision, Coil Registration. turtlehilleventco.com has their information including the two events they are producing in 2018, THE Beltane and THE Crossroads. [ETA] the Facebook company page is https://www.facebook.com/turtlehillevents/ [/ETA]

THE was informally founded in 2002 by my and Cat's late husband, George Marvil, to provide registration services to Free Spirit Alliance for all their events and to subcontract producing FSA's Sacred Sexuality Beltane. Cat and I worked year-round for Geo to make sure that event production and those registration services provided the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and safe events while we also protecting people's privacy and easing access to events.

Following Geo's death in 2006, the company was turned over to Cat and its corporation was formalized, and eventually our relationship to FSA was also formalized, and eventually terminated. I was the company registrar, or the "Lanky Reg Elf", providing the bulk of registration service activity to all of the following events:
THE Beltane 2005-2012
THE Rope Camp 2011-2012
THE Fires of Venus 2008-2012
Free Spirit Gathering (FSG) 2006-2011
FSA Fall Mysteries/Mythical Journeys 2000-2009 
Pathways Gathering 2006
The Floating World (TFW) 2010-2011
The Geeky Kink Event (GKE) 2011-2012
Nine Worlds Fall Festival 2012

Shortly before my divorce with Cat, I separated from Turtle Hill Events. We have developed a new, amicable relationship as coparents and I have remained occasionally aware of goings-on with the company.

THE  is under contract for 2018 to perform registration services for these JME events: Wicked Faire; GKE; and Geeky Kink Event New England (GKENE). To best of my knowledge, THE has annually renegotiated contract with JME for only registration services. That's always been for GKE and sometimes for additional events (specifically GKENE and WF, though I believe WF was a new addition for 2018).

I have spoken elsewhere (link in comments) about my experiences working with JME while an employee of THE; related to that story, THE as a unit pushed to have Tom Sales removed from JME staff, ejected from all JME events, and disconnected from the JME organization when we became aware of reports of harassing behavior and consent violations in, IIRC, 2010 or 2011 after the first GKE. We were overruled.

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