Wicked Faire Email 1-22-10

     Dear Brenna,
            Jeff inserts a note:  “Holy good grief, “Rule of Two” was an even better book than “Darth Bane: Path of Destruction”, I think.   It’s the first time I’ve actually seen anyone treat the Sith in an interesting, intelligent manner.
            Okay!  On to the form letter!
     So ordinarily, this would be Jeff emailing you directly.   But Jeff is slightly overwhelmed by the amazing, wonderful, slightly ridiculous response to this year’s Wicked, and he wanted this sent out, oh, sometime before the end of February.  Which means that I, Alex, his cheerful assistant and companion, am pasting this into an email for you.
                 But!   This is Jeff’s email address, and he is, indeed, answering emails directly.   He apologizes for this form letter, especially if you’re someone he knows (and if you’re not someone he knows, you should say hi to him!)
                 Okay!  Let me get to it -- well, wait, one of our performers, Psyche Corporation, just created a Wicked Faire fan video.  So let me shamelessly give you the url for that - you can check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_27E1oQ34U - and  THEN I’ll get to this email!
       First order of business:
                 Your bracelets, gift certificates and other things will await you at the door!   If you’re not already there, you might also want to check out http://wickedvillage.org - if you’re not familiar with it, it’s an online spot for people who are going to, checking out, or involved with Wicked Faire.
       If you’ve been to Wicked before…welcome back!  Very glad to have you!   If you haven’t… please feel free to ask questions if you’re unsure, or wondering what we’re like.   In general, we’re a friendly event, looking for friendly people.   This year, as you probably know, our theme is the Mad Tea Party.   Not only are we somewhat Alice based…we’re also excited at the thought that people might switch up their usual roompartis and have some teaparties, where they really meet new people and help other folks have a good time.   I know that may sound silly, but… I think it just might work.
       So, if you’re reading this far, you may want some more email.  I’ll be glad to oblige!
       FIND US IN VARIOUS PLACES ONLINE:   If you want, you can find us on Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=107120828953&ref=ts, on Livejournal atwickedfaire.livejournal.com, or on Twitter as WickedFaire.    Heck, you could even sign up for our mailing list, if you’d like, at http://tinyurl.com/wickedmailinglist.
       SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS:    If you’re looking to stay over at Wicked Faire, and haven’t yet heard the news - the Doubletree is sold out, but we have more rooms with our friends at the Radisson of Piscataway -www.RadissonNJ.com - the rooms are only $89, they have a (limited) shuttle service to the event, and they’ve been good to us and our folks.  It REALLY helps us if we can fill up that hotel!  Pray, tell your friends.
       OUR OTHER BIG EVENT:  While we’re on the subject, if you happen to be interested in our other event, in May, you can find out more about it atwww.SteampunkWorldsFair.com.  Even if you’re not into Steampunk, or not sure about it, you might like this event--it’s a Steampunk event with a twist, and more entertainment than any other Steampunk event we’ve yet heard of.
       IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT US, OR PROMOTE US:   Our web designer tried to make me blush by sticking all of our promo information atwww.wickedfaire.com/2010/about-jeff-mach.   You can find it at the bottom of that page.
       Okay!  If you’ve read all this, thank you!  If you haven’t, no worries.  Just come out, be friendly, and have a damn good time.
          Note from Jeff: seriously…yes, my time’s a bit crazy, but if you have any questions or anything, feel free to write--I should be able to answer email until sometime near the beginning of February.
                                 See you at Faire!
                                                 -Jeff M.

I run the Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire; it's a very unique festival.  You might find it interesting; you can check it at www.WickedFaire.com.  Wicked is happening this February, in Somerset, New Jersey.

Likewise, you should perhaps look into www.SteampunkWorldsFair.com, coming to Piscataway, NJ in May.

I also wrote a book on dominance and submission:  www.Deadlychallenge.org.