Wicked Faire email 9-20-12

Voltaire and the White Elephant Burlesque Society
...and this year, we've gone insane.  I mean, insane even by our standards.  We're returning to our Renaissance Faire roots AND doing new things AND...well, here, give us three minutes of your time, and we'll tell you all about it, below.
(Note:  If you're on both the Wicked Faire and Steampunk World's Fair lists, you're going to get another email quite soon, since World's Fair tickets also open soon.  We'll try to make up for it by using really attractive pictures.)
(New York City note:  If you're within traveling distance of NYC, or are going to be there for New York Comic Con, might we gently point out that we're offering you a simply marvelous opportunity to see Voltaire, Unwoman, and many others at The Anachronism Meets The Goblin Market - Sunday, October 14th, Club Element, only $15?  You can find it on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/events/331173383639953/permalink/343397509084207/.  Seriously, you should go!  If you can't go, would you help us out, and spread the link a bit, maybe invite a friend or two?)

(General note:  Have we mentioned lately that we love you?)
Two shows for the price of one?  TWO hotels FULL of Wicked Faire?!?  That's impossible!

First off, if you've been going to Wicked Faire for a bit of time, you probably know about our Gift Certificates, where we basically just give you free money to spend on vendors and our performers.  For the month of September, we're going back to two gift certificates with each ticket sale.  Crazy!  That lasts ONLY until Steptember 31st.
Ashley as Robin
We're totally not putting a picture of Ashley here as a shameless plug for www.TheGeekyKinkEvent.com. Okay, we're lying, we totally are. This isn't even a stock photo, it's an actual event photo, and Ashley is really nice.  Say hi to her if you see her!

This year's Wicked Faire ticket sales start at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, the 21st of September.  This year, we've got buttons and t-shirts for you, as well as the opportunity to get your tickets shipped in advance and skip the registration line altogether!!

IN EVEN BIGGER NEWS...you know how we like to bring you a ridiculously good deal?  Well, this year, we're taking "ridiculous" so far it's...ridiculously rediculous.  This year, your tickets to Wicked Faire buy entrance to TWO events, running at the same time... The Revenge Of The Renaissance Faire AND The Time Traveler's Resort & Museum.  Two huge hotels!  One huge Wicked Faire!  TWICE the Wicked Faire, SAME prices!!

I know.  It's nuts.  We can't help ourselves.  We just keep wanting to do more and more for you.  I'm not even kidding or trying to flatter you.  We really feel driven to try to make you happy.

We've got some extra surprises with the much-demanded return of our always evolving, ever-growing Goblin Market, full of dark mystery, waking dreams, and sometimes candy.  Well, always candy, actually.  Candy is really good.

Get your tickets on Friday night right at this link, or just by going to www.WickedFaire.com or www.TimeTravelersResort.com.   Special door prizes to the first hundred ticketbuyers!

Obligatory social media note: Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WickedFaire!  Find me on Twitter @jeffmach, @steamworldsfair, and @geekykink.  

Grateful to you, as always, for listening and for being a part of these wacky things,

Jeff Mach 
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