Monday, May 26, 2014


I will give a heads up: this may be a "trigger warning," generally because I'm an asshole.

Yes, women face violence every day.
Yes, this is horrible.
Yes, women get harassed.
Yes, women are physically weaker and therefore more susceptible to violence.
Yes, some guys are assholes. Clearly their mothers didn't teach them right.

Don't leave your drink alone is common sense. Not just for women.
Don't hit people. Not just don't hit women, but don't hit.
Learn defence. Not just to protect yourself, but because it it prudent.
Don't go to frat parties. This is generally a bad idea for any person beyond a stereotypical frat boy.
Don't walk alone at night through scary areas. Common sense for anyone.
Fake phone numbers are less hassle.
Saying "I have a significant other" is less hassle than "not interested," and saves the other person's ego.
Don't put your full real name online unless you want to be found (by family, jobs, etc). Or lock things to personal (yes, you can lock Tweets).

Someone saying "hey, sexy" and leaving it at that is not violence. It may be douchebaggery or it may just be a person giving you a compliment in a way they know how. (They may be socially awkward. Not every unsolicited comment is harassment.)

If we go into the woods where there are bears, I'm going to tell you to not get eaten by the bear. Not tell the bear "don't eat the human." The bear isn't reasonable. This means the humans need to be proactive and be the reasonable party.

Prudent and prepared are one thing. Walking around in constant fear makes you a victim.

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