Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Star Wars and people who DGAF

I love Star Wars. I had a teacher in 7th grade show us the beginning of New Hope before winter break one year and I was hooked. It is a love-hate relationship, but I will defend the hokiness and cheesy special effects and whiney characters (except Anakin and Jar-Jar because F* them) against people who hate it for the sake of hating it. After all, Star Wars fans do love to hate Star Wars, but we love it too. 

I stumbled across this: https://storify.com/gaileyfrey/sarah-sees-a-star-war (Twitter @gaileyfrey) 

Honestly, I can't get through these tweets. 

Girl geeks have enough to deal with without people like this making it more difficult. 

1: She's never seen Star Wars. 

This is fine, whatever. I've never seen all the Star Trek films. I've never read Catcher in the Rye. Sometimes, we miss out on cultural touchstones. You don't have to see or read everything that everyone else has. Whatever. But then she mocks it as she Tweets. Don't mock something that many others appreciate. 

(I did Tweet at her with " Girl geeks have enough BS to deal with without people like you being horrible human beings and making fun of something we love." To which she responded with "Sorry you feel this way. Keep loving SW! I thought they were rly fun. OMW to see TFA now. Much love ")

I think she's a hater. She doesn't understand that girl geeks are pretty much shell-shocked at this point. We're forced to prove how geeky we are and asked crazy questions to test our knowledge. She's ignoring that issue while mocking something we love.

2: I think she isn't being truthful.

I think she's seen Star Wars or at least knows enough about it that these Tweets are overly fake. She calls Vader "Space Voldemort" and yet tweets that he's the good guy. Sure, she's being ... funny?... maybe? She says she wants to see more of Luke's aunt (this is a low blow). She clearly knows more than she's letting on for the sake of really bad humor.

3: She's doing this for self-promotion. Smart, I guess. She's creating controversy. She's a writer, I guess, and has a website linked to her Twitter account. I feel that this is a way of her saying "Let's laugh at the nerds and OH BTW, here's my website!"

(tweet that says "Guys. The three Storifies combined have netted over 1.5 MILLION VIEWS.")

She's getting views out the wazoo.

4 (and in conclusion):

People suck. People don't understand geek culture. People mock what they don't understand.

I'd rather hang out with geeks than people who judge geeks.

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