Monday, March 12, 2018

Not Just About One Person (Guest Post)

Why do people complain about others "not considering how they feel" without giving others the same courtesy? Why is it so important for people to ignore us because they want to have fun? Fun isnt needed; it's wanted. These are full grown adults, some with children, saying their fun is more important than others' safety.


The culture that he created is clearly still there. His staff have either consent violations directed at them and/or allowed rapists to contine to come to the events. They have been shown to ignore reports made about these people. It took 4 years for my rapist to be banned from these events. After that and reading the chat logs, it is clear nothing is changing.

 Silver Phoenix Society needs to admit their faults and their wrong-doing. They need to sincerely apologize and fully understand that just because they remove one person from the event doesn't mean that everything is perfect and the slate wipes clean.

It's like saying you expect the government to be perfect and just dandy only because you oust the President. The people who put him there, the people who supported him, are still there. They are still influencing everything. Getting rid of them is a start but it doesnt clean the slate.

Some say Silver Pheonix Society has changed their view points they had before Wicked Faire. If that's true, why haven't they taken responsibly for their words? There is so much honor and  courage in admitting your wrongs. I would respect the hell out of them if instead of gaslighting or redirecting blame, SPS coming out saying "hey. We messed up. We said those things. We are going to do better. We have learned from our mistakes. We will prove it with action." Will people believe SPS right away? No. Actions are worth a thousands words. At this point, saving these events are not going to happen. They had their chance with that. That doesn't mean that SPS has to die.

Look, Wicked Faire changed my life. The first two Wickeds that I attended gave me some of my best memories. I wouldn't be where I am today without the friends I made there. I am in the best place as far as I remember. All because of Wicked. I am not trying to destroy anything. I would give anything for Wicked to be that way again, but it won't ever be. Up until past year or so, I stopped going. I had only been attending the last few years because I was getting paid and I had more protection than before.

Stop writing us off by saying we want to watch it burn for the sake of burning.


by Q.L.

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