Monday, March 5, 2018

Why No Updates?

It is now Monday March 5th.

SPS has not updated any information on their Facebook page since the "First batch of Questions" post on Feb 24th. They have not addressed the follow-up questions.

In fact, they have blocked at least two people from commenting on their page. They have deleted comments and stated that said comments were not reasonable or were "threats."

They have not posted any of the transfer information from JME to SPS. As of today, it's been approximately two weeks since the transfer of SPWF from Widdershins to SPS was announced. Someone from SPS posting on the FB page had agreed that this sale information would be released, with account numbers and such blacked out. This has not occurred. 

Clearly, since many people have bad interactions (to say the least) with the management of JME, it is very important in order for events like SPWF to continue, that all ties with JM be cut and proof that he will not be receiving payment beyond the purchase price of these events. Many people who have worked with/for JM are aware of how he can retreat, regroup, and return. The community, for our safety, would need a guarantee that he could not.

Furthermore, since SPS has hired a lawyer with known consent violations and sexual assault in his past, I assume that many in the community remain wary.


  1. Brenna, I've seen and contacted at least 3 people blocked/banned. A fourth one was unbanned after it was pointed out she has been a vendor for 10 years. SPS (Alexi) claimed it was an accident. Considering the pattern and how confrontational he was right before to her, I'm not really thinking it was a "miskey". One has to go to a separate screen to ban folks.

  2. LOL, I was the "miskey." If you believe it, I've got a really nice bridge for sale. Apparently, SPS was also informed that I'm something of a pain in the ass and you don't want to get on my bad side. :)

  3. I was blocked for essentially stating I would not return to any former JME events (now SPS) as they were being run by mostly former JME staff. I also stated that their current handling of everything instilled no faith in me that anything would be different, that they would truly be transparent, that their responses lacked professionalism, and it appeared they were incompetent to properly run things. By blocking me and others and the continued unprofessionalism, they proved my point.