Monday, December 14, 2020

Seeking Information

 I am in the process of going through my emails. I apologize that updates have stalled. I am aware of the following names/situations that I would like more information on, if anyone has it: 

  • Cosplay Burlesque, namely, "Mister E" for accusations of stalking and harassment; 
  • D. Kane / G. Matos (I have some information here and here, but I have heard plenty of rumors of more);
  • Nebula Dan Seibert, 
  • Hazukari,
  • Roger Shackelford. 
As I said, I am going through my emails. If you have emailed me in 2020 and do not see a name listed above that you have mentioned, PLEASE email me again. 2020 has been a very long year and I deeply apologize for stalling out. Thank you all. 

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