Friday, February 5, 2021

UPDATE re: conflicting words

 A year ago I posted Conflicting Words and I sat on the information out of respect for the person who had contacted me. Since they did out themselves, here is some of the information that they sent to me. I still paraphrased from their email because I did tell them I would not post verbatim. 


The night before SPWF was cancelled; there was a meeting at the Embassy. The plan was to get rid of the Midway state, since it was always iffy anyway. New vendors were found, with people understanding the risks of an inexpensive booth and a small busking stage.  

The next day, MW cancelled SPWF on FB Live.

Supposedly there was a vote, but (OP) was not aware of one. 

Which clarifies who actually cancelled SPWF. 

Regarding money:

There was money in the account, and more in vendor invoices still owed (approx $70k). There was more money which went to Wicked, SPWF marketing, and staff salaries. Ticket and vendor money had been coming in since the previous May (some of it in cash which never made it to the company account). 

JM was locked out of that account intentionally by SPS so he didn’t know how much money was in it. All of the refund messages went to Jeff, but he had to email SPS members to approve or disapprove them. 

Regarding the IP transfer: 

There had been a buyer lined up for SPWF, instead of the IP transfer. There was one agreement originally and that one was replaced with what was finally signed. 

Generally summing up: 

It’s not going to go away even if Jeff goes away because it was never *just* Jeff. In fact, it was largely a *lot* of ex-staff, and almost all of them are still working in the event communities, especially the kink ones, or adjacent to them.  


  1. What is your plan to help the people you're identifying as essentially bad to become better people? Would you like to see an accountability process where these folks can reconciled with the communities you see them as having wronged?

    1. Apologies would be probably the best way to start. If someone named in my blog wanted to reach out to me to apologize to someone they have wronged, I could facilitate that.

  2. Heh....delusional...