Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Copy/Paste B McNally (UPDATE 4/5/21)

EDIT 4/5/21... It has been brought to my attention that B. McNally has posted publicly on his Facebook page. I wish him the best in recovery, both his personal recovery and his public recovery. 


CW: abuse

Copied from a friend. 

"Since he popped up on my radar again for all the wrong reasons, here's a PSA: Bill McNally is a predator who runs through the New England/East Coast Renfaire, Steampunk, and convention scenes. He has harassed me, my friends, and sexually assaulted someone because he felt entitled to them. Do not tolerate his presence at your events. I still have 14 mutuals with him. Check your lists. Warn your friends.

EDIT: he also likes to claim that he's discriminated against because he's on the spectrum and uses it as an excuse to justify his lack of respect for personal boundaries."

I have 15 mutuals. Check your friends list, please. Don't harbor broken stairs. I've been slowly cleaning out known ones or ones that come to my attention.

Also if you want to remain friends with him for whatever reason, don't bother defending yourself. I'll still be friends with you.

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