Monday, April 12, 2021

M. Poulouin 

Thank you to the people who brought another broken stair to my attention.

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Facebook Event: The DATE of THE SYBARITES BALL is on Sunday February 14, 2021, from 8:00pm (VIP Admission) & 9:00pm (General Admission)  to 2:00am.  

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Post from April 2nd, 2021: 

Please note that K. Blake Cash and Janice Rael are not involved in The Sybarites ball in any way.
We are waiting for Mitchell to remove us as admins of this page, but we doubt he has the skills required.
Mitchell is so inept that he can't even remove me from the group, or edit the google documents that were prepared for him before he chased off the person who created them.
When I attempted to contact the venue he had "booked," no one had heard of him. When I tried to contact Action Wellness about our role in presenting their interest in this fundraiser, they had never heard of him. He just picked up some flyers from them.
The venue has two floors, something that anybody who had so much as visited their website would know. It also has a liquor license, which eliminates his ideas of nudity.
The idea of selling rides on a masturbation tool in such a venue is insane, as is the idea that people would be willing to bid on the now used device afterwards.
A charity event donates proceeds to the charity it uses for advertising. These proceeds were to benefit Mitchell and a few body painting friends, in the hope that Mitchell would be able to visit his "girlfriend" in Thailand. She's in Thailand because every other country calls her profession prostitution. If there was any money left after paying and housing all the body painters, then he might give some of it to charity.
This entire production is solely for the benefit of Mitchell Poulouin and his friends, with lip service to Action Wellness (formerly Action AIDS). He has no idea what is legal, and intends to use non-union labor in a city built by unions. His "mission focus" changes on a daily basis.
This is a scam. If you want to donate money to a sick old man's fantasy of joining his "girlfriend" in Thailand, go ahead. If you want to donate to Action Wellness, here is their site:

 I also have screencaps of a conversation with a performer where M. Poulouin attempted to get her to work his event for a discounted price and to wear body paint. He wanted her to turn her act into a more erotic act. She stated she was not comfortable with that and declined to perform. He attempted to pressure her into performing. 

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  1. Mitchell reached out to me about performing in his event. When I asked him for the details, he sent me his "casting notice" if you could call it that. The damn thing was 3 pages long and had no information that would be helpful to me as an entertainer. No details on what kind of act he wanted, no call times, no pay rate or request for my rates. Instead it was 3 pages of what I can only describe as a carnival-barker-style stream-of-consciousness advertisement for the event?? The way he described the event raised a LOT of red flags for me. There was a huge emphasis on the erotic and over-the-top nature of the event, which is something I generally find concerning even as someone who makes a lot of erotic art. He also repeatedly used diminutive nicknames like "sunshine" in our correspondence (I had never met him before). When I politely declined to work his event, he replied almost demanding that I give him a reason, even going so far as to imply that it would be unprofessional for me not to, (rich considering the blatant unprofessional nature of his prior correspondence with me). I was fortunate to be in contact with a lot of colleagues who were able to confirm my suspicions about him and relay their past experiences with him that were questionable and suspicious at best.