Tuesday, September 21, 2021

S. Meehan

New (to this blog) name: Sean Meehan. Please see below links for information: 

 From Facebook (lots of screenshots and gathered information)

From Tumblr

May be otherwise known as "The Pervy Sage." Cosplays as Guy Fieri. He was connected to Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment before being removed due to " unwarranted sexual advances." 

Please stay safe out there, everyone. 

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  1. I surely hope that you saved those Facebook screenshots because that link is not working, friend.

    Also, Sean Meehan committed far more than "unwanted sexual advances". On top of being assigned as "stage manager" in Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment in 2016, he was unanimously kicked out of the group for failing to follow through on his promises, made zero preparations for his roles and responsibilities as a person in a trusted leadership position, and then later repeatedly attempted to place blame on his fledgling assistants that had never done any kind of stage work prior, so he was to be in charge of everyone.

    He did absolutely nothing of the sort. He was constantly ill prepared to a level of embarrassing the troupe and making audiences feel awkward. This was after an EXTREMELY inappropriate and awkward situation where he brought his then-girlfriend Nia (that poor, extremely tolerant woman was a gem!), a non-troupe member, into a troupe-funded hotel room (Yushi-con 2015) where there was an entire group trying to share a small space. He then gave her a whole bed and had his teammates sleep on the floor with him.

    I understand being on the Autism spectrum, but that goes above and beyond levels of inappropriate.

    He also REALLY DOESN'T like to bathe himself. When he would be at any event as Giovanni, he'd wear that loose fitting suit all 3 days, in summer heat, and never wash the clothing or himself. He was an absolute embarrassment to work with, and when he INCESSANTLY continued to sexually harass several members (Para Dox Mint, Ginger Snap, and several others of both sexes and several gender identities).

    Plus, don't even start me on how many times he would use "I am a cancer survivor and my parents started an organization for it." to try to score pity points when hitting on people. He admitted to it several times, as well, which was deplorable to say the very least.