Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Photos of past events

 It has been brought to my attention that JM is posting images from past Steampunk World's Fair events as part of promoting his upcoming events. While he is within his rights to use any photos from his previous events (as long as taken by a staff photographer, or the photographer has given him permission), YOU have the right to comment on pictures of yourself with a statement informing any viewers that it is a past event, and you can share your current opinion of said events and event runner. 

Hubris said it well: 

On January 28, 2018 we released a statement that HVBRIS would no longer be performing at Jeff Mach Events (JME) events that JM is involved with or profits from. TL;DR, that statement stands.
It has come to our attention that JM, and events he is affiliated with, are using photos of our past performances at his JME events for promotional purposes. Just to clarify, we (and likely every other performer at his events) signed releases for images and video to be used for future events and promotional purposes. Legally JME is within his rights to use most media, taken at his events by staff photographers, for these purposes without any additional consent.
That being said, we have continued to monitor events in the Northeast and will continue our support of the community by not supporting JME and affiliated events. If there are questions, please send them our way.

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