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Update, Jan 28:  I wanted to give you a heads up about the Anon #6 email exchange you have up. The person in question is banned from almost every local kink space that I know of in the NYC/northern NJ area. He has repeatedly creeped on ppl and made them uncomfortable with his words and actions. I can tell from his writing that it’s him. ([name] on Fet), and if I’m wrong I apologize.

 I don’t know if this makes a difference in the relevance of showing Jeff’s response to him regarding his ban, but I felt that it was important that you were at least aware of things.


This is the emal conversation between me and jeff mach and if you look at his "no i won't tell you why i banned you" journal entry on fetlife, it was directly at me, 

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To: Jeff Mach <>
Sent: Sat, Jul 9, 2016 2:22 pm
Subject: Re: Why I'm being banned

That the thing, I don't know what else I done that got me banned. The fact that you made that post & got k&p shows what a cry bully & pussy you are.

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On Jul 7, 2016, at 9:32 AM, Jeff Mach <> wrote:
Look, man,

Multiple people have talked about you making them really uncomfortable.  And there are other accusations.

This is a private event.  While I try hard to give good reasons for our bans, and while our bans take a lot of consideration, don't act like you're automatically entitled to attend.  You are not.  

Many, many people have said that your actions have been deeply out of line.  Many people saw you were attending and messaged to talk about feeling you were not a safe individual.

Please stop talking about how you've done nothing, and please start examining your own actions.
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Sent: Thursday, July 7, 2016 9:18 AM
Subject: Why I'm being banned

Nobody hasn't giving me a legit answer on why I'm banned. They said we gotten complains about me and that it. I went to wicket faire earlier this year with no drama, no beef. I message you directly just to be sure last year. Now all of a sudden I'm being banned without any logical and reasonable answers other then that. I haven't been to any other event other then Wicked faire so I don't know why people complaining against me now and banning me just the last minute.

Followup, per request: 

 after reading about JM and how unsafe his events are i might as well speak out.2 years ago, when JM was getting notoriety on K&P with all of his journal entries. i was banned from GKE over my situation with my ex, i email to JM about this and what it is i was banned for, he has his reason why i was i banned and i accepted it and i wasn't mad about it. it his convention, he could do what he wants with it, who can go and who can't and i wasn't mad about his decision.What i was really pissed off was the fact that he took our email conversation between me and him & wrote a journal entry called "no i won't tell you why you where banned" without mention my name, the email address etc. as a inspiration. the journal entry was about me and right there, i knew what a scumbag, hustler and gaslighter he was right just from that post alone. i wasn't pissed off that i was banned from his event, i was pissed me off that he would pulled that stunt just to keep his name relevant and push ticket sales to his event.This is the email I sent to JM try calling him out for that, but when i did, but i ended up making things worse on my part and it only did was digging myself a deeper hole then it already was so i try my best not to acknowledge him. However, ever time he something happens on fetlife, rather if it a CV story, events come under fire (because his events are much MORE safer and run a hell of a lot better then everywhere else SARCASM), i can't help but feed into his bullshit and try to call it him out for it and making things ever more worse.Fortunally enough, he finally manage to blocked me so i wouldn't have to read his attemped at being this fucking "ally" in the kink community. I am actually glad to see my former friends, friends i'm still cool with, his former staff speaking out against him about how he is unfit to run an event, that he is a gaslighter, an opportunist leech, all around piece of shit give me some peace and some hope for humanity.Look back at all of this. i should had done thing a lot differently that what has transpired and if i where to go back in time, i would had stopped myself and rethink everything without looking my cool and temper but i can't dwell on the past, i take from what i learn and move forward and never make the same mistake again. that all i can do at this point.


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  2. Hi, I'm the one who actually banned this guy, and while Jeff was being an absolute asshole, I can assure you this ban was warrented, and they knew why they were banned.

    Since all this shit broke, a lot of these guys have been crawling out of the woodwork writing thier own vindication porn.