E. Gasior, Anon 2

 The Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s Board of Director’s Statement was incomplete at best and downright misleading at worst.

Eric Gasior stands accused of using his pulpit as (at the time) Vice Con Chair to harass and bully multiple members of the tech department of Balticon in the lead up to Virtual Balticon 54. 

There were two other complaints against him, but this statement will focus on those surrounding Virtual Balticon 54.

The harassment persisted despite the tech director, speaking to him, and on a seperate occasion the assistant tech director spoke to Mr. Gasior. After he persisted despite being spoken to by both of them on separate occasions harassment reports were filed. This was May 2020.

Worryingly, the tech director of Balticon 54 was not asked by the Board of Directors for a statement. The assistant tech director spoke with one of the members investigating in November after calling her himself in November.

It is unclear if the Board of Directors did any kind of investigation into these matters, given that the two people in charge of the department where the harassment occurred were not contacted. The two Board members in charge of the investigation were  BSFS President Dale Arnold and Chairmen of the Board Patti Kinlock. 

The following is rumor and the writer of this report cannot confirm it as fact: It is reported that Dale Arnold said he did not wish to replace a conchair and that Patti Kinlock told Eric Gasior that  she thought he was being rail roaded because of the four complaints against him. 

If this is true it could explain why no witnesses to the harassment were asked for statements. 

The question of whether Balticon volunteers are safe from harassment and bullying must be answered. The board characterized the harassment as “miscomunication” but Mr. Gasior was spoken to on two seperate occasions and told he needed to leave the volunteers alone and that his behavior was unacceptable and yet he continued. 

If the BSFS Board of Directors wishes to keep volunteers safe, an actual investigation must be done, as well as an investigation as to why one was not already done.

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