Early Days of WF - Anon

 Anon, via PM, 2/28/18. 
Early on in the WF days, and before I knew a lot of Life Lessons etc, I was violently sexually assaulted at one of the first Wicked Faires. Friends comforted me, looked for the person who did it, and were there. Most people, weren't however. It was so long ago, and so painful all around, that I've since mostly blocked it out. I do know that 1 of said friends remembers it all and we spoke about it recently. 
I was/am friends with 1 half of a pretty well known band, and Jeff found this out. He said he'd love to have either or both of them at an event, and so I put them in touch and he started doing events for Jeff. Jeff told me what I would be paid in for getting him in touch with/booking them-sexual favors and his first born child. At the time I thought it was just silly and a joke, and as time went on I realized it wasn't. 
At another event, I became friendly with the friend of someone i'd been kinda seeing briefly. One night at a weekend event it was just us alone in a hotel room, he wanted things to happen with us physically and wouldnt take no for an answer. I was still pretty damn shy, and not good at being vocal but I said no and I wasn't ok with anything physical. He said everything he could to change my mind and I had to physically force myself out of the hotel room and would spend the rest of the night crying in the lobby, friends rooms and told Jeff and co what happened. Nobody would listen to me, people spread shit about me far and wide, ....and my soon my relationship with my troupe suffered because nobody believed me re that and other situations that "happened" with me at fault. Years later people in my troupe made amends with me, told me they know now I was telling the truth, but Jeff and some of the staff at the time never owned up to their lies, hiding things under the rug, and never did a damn thing regarding what happened to me.


  1. Arez passed away in 2013, just an fyi.

    1. I had not heard that. Wow. Any idea what happened?