I didn't brew the tea

Post from Facebook, Jan 2018, copied with author's permission; name redacted.

Babes, I didn’t brew the tea, but I am HERE πŸ‘πŸ» to πŸ‘πŸ» fucking πŸ‘πŸ» spill πŸ‘πŸ» it πŸ‘πŸ» ALL OVER THE TABLE. Make sure you read the comments, too.

Not So Dear Jeff:

1. Our poorest con-citizens, our performers, live ration to ration because you need to fucking pay your goddamn performers (IN CASH for the few you do pay so your checks won’t bounce) before they die of exposure, and dysentery from Radisson food, you bloviating buffoon. Also, your vendor coordinator is an idiot. Stop fucking over vendors. Also also, PAY NIKKI’S DAD AND GIL’S FAMILY BACK, YOU FUCKING TIRE FIRE WASTE OF LIFE I HATE YOU SO MUCH.

2. Bitch, thou art a scrub. Despite what you may have convinced yourself, let me assuage you that NO you could not have written Hamilton, you fucking white boy. This, I maintain, is not why you are a scrub.

3. If your fragile male ego is looking for sympathy, you can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. By that same token, stop dating child brides, you shitty internet dom. Your pandering to the lowest common denominator in your Captain Consent fetlife posts is ironic at best considering what it took to convince you to fire Wyck AFTER A YEAR OF FIGHTING with the Burlesque Community, along with still supporting other abusers in the scene. By the way, FUCK VOLTAIRE, everyone knows he’s a disgusting, drunk, predatory piece of shit. You knowingly hire/invite rapists, predators, and other abusers, and only pretend for PR to give a shit if it’s gonna lose you money.

4. If there’s a fire you’re trying to douse, you can’t put it out from inside the house. I can no longer in good conscience accept your blood money in exchange for enabling you to continue exploiting people for personal gain. Hence, I rage quit after SPWF 2017. Don’t even get me started on the complete fucking bullshit I had to deal with that went down with Glimmerdark and Dark Side. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

5. You are thirteen clipboards in a Hawaiian shirt pretending you can successfully run a company without needing to resort to blatantly manipulating everyone around you, and sexually harassing or exploiting them—and then gaslighting them into thinking you’re the victim.

And if you don’t know, now you know.


  1. Did... did this person just work Hamilton quotes into her rage letter? lol

  2. Isn't that what Hamilton would want?